Zamna Festival – Meet us

Zamna festival is more than just a musicfestival,  dedicated not only to having visitors have a good time, but also to enjoy nature along with good music. The festival takes place in one of the most spectacular places in the world,right in the heart of Tulum. The festival becomes the meeting of musical events.

This festival is known for being one of the most unique and exclusive music festivalsin theworld, so missing it is no option. It’s a tradition to start at the end of December and culminate by mid-January, so you can be sure to start the year in the best possible way. Being  the largest event in the Riviera Maya you can be sure that the international experience you will live in Mexico will be one in a million. With an area of more than 11 hectares, Zamna Tulum is home to those who want to live the experience of  amusical summer that no onehas seen before,right in the middle of the jungle.

Even if electronic music isn’t your style, Zamna Festival is something you’ll definitely enjoy and want to be a part of. The festival has a great difference from others and is that it is not the typical music event, they also perform charity works as well as are an environmental event. Children are given gifts and Maya communities are paid financially, in addition to this it should be noted that the event is free of plastic or products that can damage the environment or its natural environment, all the waste generated in the event is recycled.

The Cenote Zamna allows you to make a mixture of nature with spectacular electronic music creating an unusual event,a totally unique experience. The location has 2 main places, one in the middle of the jungle, a clearing, ready to receive a large number of people and another smaller one located on an island in the same jungle surrounded by a cenote; the latter is used for what are smaller and more private presentations, something more intimate and could even be said cozy. If the jungle is not your style you have the opportunity to choose one of the events presented on the beaches, with the same quality and experience only in a less crowded place, because just as well as on the island there is the peculiarity of being in a private event. These events offer 3 places to enjoy the presentations, the general area, the VIP section and an exclusive section of private table service area where you can be sharing with the artists, making this an experience to never forget.

The event has immense support from spectacular artists;as an example in the 4th edition of the Zamna Festival presented in this 2020 was attended by international DJs such as Paul Kalkbrenner,  Black Coffee, Tale of Us,Diplo, Damian Lazarus, Adam Beyer and Charlotte the Witte, the performances were continued for 10 days on 4 stages. The international ness of the event makes it simply a giant, so much so that the Riviera Maya hosted more than 25 thousand people from 73 different nationalities. The festival has in turn excellentsecurityequipment, of the best in the field, to ensure your safety and that you have no concernwhat.  There are also  cashless bracelets that will make the purchase throughout the festival more comfortable for the user giving a free experience of this, thisa braceletcahsless gives  access to the area to enjoy the festival as well as allows to buy in food trucks and drinks, there you can make sure to enjoy some beers like those of our collaborators,  Dos Equis  .

Until 2020, Quintana Roo has been the only host of this incredible festival,but now it’s time togrow, to expand for that we bring you the experience of the Zamna Festival beyond Mexico. Europe has to prepare because in November Medellin will be the one who opens the start of one of the many events that will take place around the world, so do not miss the opportunity to live the moment of your life in the best festival of the year.