Zamna Festival lands in Tel Aviv.

Zamna Festival will land for the very first time in Tel Aviv, Israel this year. An amazing line-up  is expected with some of the best and newest artists Worldwide. It will take place in an exclusive stunning location yet to be discovered. After their stellar appearance in Barcelona, where they will be doing 12 events this summer, Zamna chooses Tel Aviv  for its second time outside of Mexico.

Zamna Festival is the annual event that brings together the most important musicians and lovers of electronic music in Latin America, in the paradisiacal Tulum in the incredible Mexican Caribbean, where nature, the spirit of freedom and the best production technology coexist, generating important links between clubbers from all around the globe and positioning, in just 5 years of history, the Magical Town of Tulum as one of the essential ‘hot spots’ for dance music every January Season.

Surely this last months you will have found thousands of videos on socials of this festival. And it is that its stellar parties such as Afterlife, Circoloco or Black Coffee, have undoubtedly marked a before and after in festivals of this genre. Where it’s not just the music that counts, and that’s because Zamna has known how to satisfy the five senses and take care of every detail.

Zamna Tel Aviv is coming soon… Stay tuned!